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 Mr. Organic Gardener welcomes you to our AGGRAND Product Page.  To simplify the purchase process, you will be taken to the official AGGRAND site and utilize their store site for ordering and payment.  Each product shown below will forward you to the AGGRAND site to allow you to purchase products.  If you have any difficulty in this process, please make us aware of this as well as the AGGRAND web site. 



Food Plot Formula

Natural Kelp

Sulfate of Potash

Liquid Lime

Natural Liquid

Natural Fertilizer

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Hose End Sprayer              Soil Sample Analysis Kit


Each of the article headings will take you to the AGGRAND website and access the current pdf file for your use.  You are allowed to access these items, print them or save them for later use.  Please do so as the information contained in these articles is very useful for your knowledge bank.  Included below is also a testimonial page for your access.  Take a moment to review these testimonials, many of which can provide you with useful information in achieving an organic garden, yard or farm.

   AGGRAND Crop Guide

   Soil Fertility Guide

   Growth Plot Study

   Hay & Pasture Guide

   Foliar Feeding

   Sustainable Cropping System

   Houseplants the AGGRAND way

   Growing with AGGRAND

   AGGRAND Gardening Guide

   AGGRAND Lawn Care Guide

   Organic vs. Chemical Lawn Care







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