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Steve Sisler is an avid gardener who enjoys gardening and would like to assist others in finding the joy of gardening, growing and eating your own vegetables, herbs, fruits from seed to plant and to your table.  There is nothing more enjoyable than fresh vegetable and herbs on your table.  It is even more comforting knowing that you can eat your vegetables, herbs and fruit without the worries of not knowing what chemicals, and preservatives have been added to get them from the field to the shelves.

I grew up in Kansas, traveling all over the state following my father who was employed with International Harvester Farm Equipment.  My family had the opportunity to see a lot of Kansas and enjoy the people and their relationships with their farms.  Both of my parents came from farming families living outside of Salina, Kansas.  It was always exciting to go with my cousins to spend a week at my Grandpa and Grandma's farm and learn a lot about farming, gardening and the livestock.

My father later purchased his own International Harvester Dealership and our relationship with the local farmers became even stronger.  We enjoyed the small town atmosphere and learned how to work together as a community.  We were raised on a strong belief of honesty and pride of ownership.  These beliefs are what has taken me thru my life, developing relationships and friendships.  This is what I would like to do with my website, develop a relationship with my neighbors and become friends and share in the experiences we concur in our lives and gardens.

2010 Garden in June

2010 Garden

I have lived here in Arizona since 1975.  The community of Queen Creek was very small I imagine at that time.  I have spent most of my time here in the valley in Mesa.  My family moved here to Queen Creek in 1997.  Queen Creek then was still a small farming community, but growing every day.  It is now a small town with lots of families from some other part of the country, comming here to Queen Creek to start and new life in Arizona.  Join us here at Mr. Organic Gardener and meet your neighbors and develope your Arizona Gardening skills and tell us about how you gardened in your old home.  Gardening has become a very important aspect in our lives and others and we can do our community a good deed by spreading the word.  Tell your neighbor about gardening or learn from you neighbor.  Eather way, get to know your neighbor as a good gardener would, and share your knowledge and friendship.

 Sunflowers & Corn 2010

2010 corn and sunflowers

 For some gardening can be a means of purifying our bodies and others a means of relieving stress and even others a way to control our budget and still eat healthy. Any way you approach it, it just makes good sense to grow your own and reward yourself and your family.  Join us in making your lives less stressful and cleanse your bodies of the chemicals and preservatives.  You to can find a healthy way to go green and really enjoy it.  Start small and find out just how much fun and enjoyable it is to be a gardener.






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